We are a young, dynamic Spanish company operating in the fishing sector, focusing on producing, marketing and distributing FRESH FISH and FISH BY-PRODUCTS.

To this end, our plant is equipped with modern handling and production rooms for sea produce , with leading edge packing systems, several coldstores all fitted with the best and latest machinery to obtain the best quality and freshness, at all times, in our products. In this way, we can offer our customers the pure taste and nutritional components of fresh fish.

As everyone is aware, Fishing is one of the oldest activities of Mankind, practiced by all inhabited coastal areas. From its beginnings, fishing has undergone constant development, and in some countries it has become of prime importance in socio-economic terms.

Such is the case of Spain, and more particularly of Galicia, a region with 1,720 km of coastline, comprising 34$ of the coast around the peninsula, with a substantial number of ports, 5 of which are termed by the Administration as being of genera l interest, namely: Vigo, Marín, Villagarcía, Ferrol and La Coruña.

And it is precisely in two of these ports (Vigo and Marín) where we have decided to set up our company, PESGALIA, S.L., for several reasons.

The Ports of Vigo and Marín have a large fishing fleet: both coastal (inshore and purse-seining), and high seas fishing, with ships operating all the year round in the most important fishing grounds in the world, standing out for their variety of species, quality and number of catches being Grand Sole, northern Africa and Madagascar.

Furthermore, our strategic location in these two ports - equipped with the best fishing infrastructures - provides us with and helps us to meet the demand for supplementary services.

By establishing our company in two of the most important Fishing Ports in the world, which have an excellent communications network (by land, air and sea), we are able to access and supply our products to their destination in a very short time.

Also, our ideal position within the Port Enclosure itself and, more particularly, by having plants right on the edge of the sea, means that we are able to unload catches directly from ships into our plants. In this manner, we keep the fish in optimum conditions of freshness before starting the production process.

Our company has put in place a two-fold policy: professionalisation of the staff and technological innovation in order to achieve the main objective, which is "QUALITY", the aim being for this to be the differentiating factor which sets us apart from other companies in the sector.

When we talk about quality in this sector, we mean TOTAL QUALITY. In other words, product quality and quality in service. To this end, we have opted for a dynamic staff, with a long experience in all the production processes rangin g from catching at sea to delivery at destination (we work with teams of economists, biologists, specialised handlers, transport companies ...).